About us

Shenzhen Times Electronic Co. Ltd (Shenzhen Yishidai Electronics Co., Ltd) has specialized in manufacturing batteries since 2009. Our factory is located in Shenzhen, with an workshop covering 1,500 square meters and hundreds of employees.
we offer

1. Professional products: mobile phone battery, Tab PC battery, laptop battery and smart watch battery. (A fully autonomous holding battery factory+several OEM factories)

2. Wholesale mobile phone parts, laptop chargers adapters.

Want the factory's price and specialization of products, but can't match the factory's MOQ?

Want the service and diversity of a trading company, but the price is too expensive?

Shenzhen Times Electronic Co., Ltd. after years of deep digging and research on customer pain points, for customers to completely solve these troubles!

We have dedicated procurement team,testing team, design team,business team and deep cooperation with a number of factories.

The purchasing team is responsible for purchasing battery raw materials to save intermediate costs, and provide agent purchasing services!

The testing team is responsible for testing raw materials before production and finished products after production to ensure the reliability and stability of battery quality.

The design team is responsible for label and packaging design for brand customers.

The OEM with deep cooperation is responsible for processing the raw materials we buy to save production cost!

We also promise offer you :

1.12 months Warranty

2.Less Than 0.3% Defective Rate 

3.Very Competitive Price 

4.Small MOQ

5.Safe Shipping Method

Head Office

Contact: Sway

Phone: 18682122390

E-mail: sway@timeselectronic.com

Address: Room415,Huiyi Fortune Plaza ,Dalang street,Longhua Area, Shenzhen, China

Factory 1 

Address: Building A,Longshang Park ,Daping area ,Tangxia Town, Dongguan, China

Hongkong Office


Philippines Office

Contact:Salvador Castillo Mananon 

Address:14 Saint Anthony Street, Tierra Vista Heights Subdivision, Barangay Nangka, Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1808 

Phone number:+63 936 282 9218